GOTS certified BIG canvas COSMETIC BAG
GOTS certified BIG canvas COSMETIC BAG
GOTS certified BIG canvas COSMETIC BAG

GOTS certified BIG canvas COSMETIC BAG

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This big all purpose cosmetic BAG is a great addition for everyday use, as a cosmetic bag or a bigger bag for your purse. Made from GOTS certified heavy canvas!

The size is: 24 cm* 18 cm * 9  cm with a zip.

* You buy the big bag,  but we pictured it with the smaller one, so you can compare the size difference better.

I decided to start to sell this amazing bags, becuase I want to incrise the use & wear or reusable cotton bags as the best option for cutting down the use and buying of plastic bags.

Let's be the change we want in the world.

Made in India from Certified 100% GOTS certified cotton.

* bags shrink with washing.

by Boweevil.

"The GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard is a globally recognized and a relevant processing standard for organic textiles. It defines the environmental criteria in the entire supply chain for organic textiles (only textiles containing at least 70% organic fibers can be GOTS-certified) and also requires compliance with social criteria. All  such as the dyes and additives used, must meet certain toxicological criteria. The aim of this standard is to define globally relevant requirements that ensure the ecological condition of textiles from the harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially compatible production to delivery, in order to finally offer the end-consumer credible security." Luna Journal

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